Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yoga Bootcamp- complete!

So I officially survived Yoga Bootcamp. I wasn't sure what to expect going into the program, and I wasn't sure of what the results might be once I was done.  I am so happy with the journey AND the results.
The past few years i've left my hard circuit style training workouts behind. Not forced to do burpees or mountain climbers? Never gonna do them. Well, this all ended once bootcamp started.
For 3 weeks we met 3 times/week. Monday and Wednesday mornings for a 45 minute workout that was sure to leave you dripping with sweat. Focusing on body weight exercises, all you needed was your body and your yoga mat. Okay and maybe a towel. I made a commitment to myself to leave it all on mat. Everything I had, no slacking off. If I was going to do this bootcamp, I wanted to push myself, find my edge. Friday night workouts were all core/yoga nidra. I assumed that meant laying on the floor and doing some crunches/ab work. Nope! Boxing was the core workout that ended up working out my entire body. Amazing workout that prepped me perfectly for yoga nidra afterwards. Complete stillness, honestly I couldn't have moved if I had tried. Exhausting workout that left you feeling strong and empowered.
The first night of bootcamp we got our weight, body fat and body measurements taken. As well as focusing on our body composition, we were graded from 1-10 on 5 yoga postures. Downward dog, chaturanga, wheel, warrior 2 and handstand. Here we learned where our strengths and weaknesses were and where we could work to make our yoga postures stronger. I had a goal during this program: Get better at handstand. I've always been scared of handstand, and always imagine myself falling on my face. I decided I was going to do 5 handstands against a wall every day and that eventually I would be able to hold myself up in handstand without the support of the wall.
I finished up my 3 weeks feeling much stronger and more capable. My yoga classes had an increased sense of ease, being able to transition in and out of poses better. I had my post-bootcamp meeting where we would be remeasured and try the poses again to see if we had improved.
Very shocked with the results, especially seeing that it was such a short period of time. 21 days, and amazing results.
  • Lost 1.5" from my waist
  • Lost 2.75" from my abdomen
  • Lost .5" from my upper arm
  • Lost .75" from my hips
  • Lost .5" from my thigh
  • Lost 3.3% body fat
  • Lost 3.2lbs
  • Lost 5.2 lbs of fat
  • gained  2 lbs of muscle
I'm so happy with the results and bootcamp showed me the amount of intensity I need to add to into my routine. It doesn't need to be a long grueling workout but a quick 45 minute heart pumping workout in addition to my yoga practice seemed to be a great combination for me. 
And my yoga poses? They all improved, and.... I can do a handstand!!

I highly recommend Charm City Yoga's bootcamp, and will definitely be re-enrolling in the future. Amazing program to take part in! Thanks CCY and Todd :)