Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weighty Topic

Hi all!
I have officially signed up for Yoga Bootcamp at Charm City Yoga. It starts March 8 and I'm so excited to get started.
For me personally, i've never felt better or more in shape than when i've combined yoga and weight training. For years I tried to make myself love running. Races after races, and even completed a half marathon. My big goal was complete, and I couldn't be happier to not have to put those running shoes back on.  I hated running and I wanted to do workouts that I loved. Here and there when the weather is a perfect 68 degrees and sunny i'll want to go on a run. But it's a 20 minute around the neighborhood jog and i'm all set. Other than that, i'll stick to the weight room and yoga studio.
I started getting into weight training with my boyfriend about 2 years ago. He helped me with the foundations, and I quickly picked it up. I needed a schedule, and exactly what weights to use. I begin Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 program and it quickly helped build strength and become more toned. Exactly what I was hoping for. 
I believe that women are nervous of "bulking up" or "getting big" if they lift weights. Lifting heavy weights gives your muscles definition, tightens everything up.  Compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press really have proved to be most efficient in my workouts.  Gaining strength has helped tremendously in my yoga practice as well. My chaturungas are so much easier, side planks are actually enjoyable. I want to continue to get stronger so that I can eventually get up to a handstand and forearm stand. These are my goals, and I believe I can get there.
Yoga Bootcamp is going to be an amazing tool because you are assessed on yoga postures and then strength train to make those postures better. I think it's going to make a huge difference it'll be exciting to see before and afters. We get our body fat measured before and after bootcamp is over so i'll be able to see exactly how the program affected my body. 3 weeks of training, 3 times a week.  Keep you guys posted!