Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yoga Playlist #2

Hellllo! Yoga playlist #2 for everyone. In RAVENS colors :) It does look a litttle blue, but I swear it's purple.

Also, in more yoga news... I have picked up another class! I will be teaching the Monday night community vinyasa class in Federal Hill at 8:30. Community classes are awesome because they're only $6!  It will be fun for me to have both a night and morning class because I can have such a variety in my sequences. The morning is a little slower, waking you up and warming up the body. The music is less intense (but just as good) and in the night class I can have a quicker paced flowing sequence, and can throw in some really fun fast paced songs. So hopefully you guys can make it to one or both of my classes!
Above i've added a tab that will link you to my yoga schedule page. Day, time, location all there.

Thanks for all the continued support, and am excited each and every day that I get to share this love I have for yoga with Baltimore.

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